GP Nursing in the 21st Century

In 2015 the Queen's Nursing Institute published the findings of a study that they carried out that sought to create a snapshot of the role of the GPN based on the perspectives of the nurses themselves. 

In a nutshell ...


Respondents were asked whether they felt there were gaps in their nursing knowledge and the areas of their knowledge and skills which they considered required further development and only a QUARTER did not feel they had any gaps and many nurses commented on the need for continuous improvement and learning to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.


There has been a sharp rise in NMC registrants failing to meet CPD requirements.

The number of nurses who did not meet continued professional training (CPD) requirements for revalidation went up by almost 50% in 2017-18 and nurses reported lack of time for CPD!

42% of those who did revalidate said finding time for CPD was difficult 

One nurse commented:

 ‘After the drug companies stopped doing training, there has been very little training as GPs have to pay for it’


The decision to start this blog wasn't taken lightly.  I didn't want to make a bad situation worse and I certainly didn't want to become one of those people with good intentions and limited understanding.  I am going to put my money where my mouth is and will be providing free access to my Spirometry Interpretation for Primary Care eLearning course via the new GPNursing website that will launch in January 2020 and will post more details about how you can access it very soon.


I have had an initial conversation with the RCN Accreditation Unit with regards to getting my one-day practical spirometry workshop accredited by them along with an assessment process. 


My suspicion is that even though the NMC have stated that nurses will not need to apply to go onto the ARTP register,  CCGs will still want some verification of competency given that we have been living under the threat of the national register since 2016. 


My idea is to kill two birds with one stone and to set the assessment and verification process up in such a way as to enable you to use it towards your NMC revalidation.  

And finally, if the RCN agree to accredit the workshop AND the assessment process would anyone be interested in getting involved in delivering it?  

I have been doing some research into the going rates for one-day spirometry workshops and I have to say that my eyes are watering! 


The highest cost was not far off £200 but I intend the charge just £100 per person (maximum of 12 people per day) and this will include a copy of our new full-colour 100-page 'Practical Spirometry and Interpretation for Primary Care' handbook and all the assessment and certification documents.    

I am hoping to attract interest from Training Hubs, CCGs and Primary Care Networks and will be running a pilot in Manchester in December. 


In an ideal world, it would be fantastic to have a network of trainers across the UK who could deliver the workshops locally.  

If anybody is interested in getting involved in delivering these workshops and would like more information, please do get in touch by email to 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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