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I have been given permission to share the following email with you. 


It was sent to me yesterday (12/9/19) by a Practice Nurse Lead who contacted the NMC in March 2018 asking for clarification regarding the National Spirometry Register. 

Thank you for your email dated 29 March 2018.


It is not an NMC requirement for nurses that perform and/or interpret spirometry to register with ARTP for additional assessments and be placed on the National Register. This is a matter for individual nurses and employers.


We hope you have found this information of use.


Kind regards,


The Education and Standards team


Nursing and Midwifery Council

"People with good intentions but limited understanding are more dangerous than people with total ill will"

Martin Luther King

Now What?

Since my last post, I unwittingly found myself in communication with a board member of the ARTP about a totally different matter unrelated to spirometry, the national register or the ARTP!  

I can't make my mind up whether I was shocked or just couldn't believe my luck that I had direct access to an ARTP board member given that it is easier to catch 'Big Foot' or get an audience with the Pope than find a real live member of the ARTP!  

As you can imagine, I really didn't hold back and everything that I have discussed on this blog was discussed on that telephone call.  

I do need to tell you that the person I spoke to was absolutely lovely and this threw me as she was as far removed from the tone and content of that website as is possible.  It was also noted that she had only recently joined the ARTP and was not aware of the wording on their website.  However, it was acknowledged that the wording specific to whether or not the national spirometry register was mandatory and could mislead and that the veiled threats relating to the NMC and 'certain organisations' were not ok and that it was not the intention of the ARTP to mislead or coerce .... but it has misled and it has coerced nurses and NHS organisations into believing that the national register is mandatory! 

If the truth is known I am probably angrier now than I was before!  

Can it really be that nothing more than a badly written webpage (author unknown) has caused such mayhem?


and if so...

How has this been allowed to happen? 


Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment or product to confirm all facts.

Due diligence refers to the research done before entering into an agreement or a financial transaction with another party.

"People with good intentions but limited understanding are more dangerous than people with total ill will"

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